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Group Health Insurance in California

07-12-2008 by Colleen King

Group health insurance is a HUGE discussion in California. It has been over the past 2-3 years as concerns rise over the uninsured. As well as the cost of health care–wow, it’s all exploding.

The beauty of small group health insurance (2-50 employees) in California is that when a company is set up within certain parameters, group health insurance is guaranteed issue regardless of the health status of the enrolling members. One of the things that has been fun about setting up group health plans for me is that I’ve been able to help people get insurance they need, legitimately, and frequently they didn’t know this was an option. Love doing that! Does that mean it will cost a fortune? Well, it isn’t cheap but the plans tend to have richer benefits than individual health insurance plans so that make it cost more. BUT, even with disastrous health problems, a two person group will never pay more than 10% about standard rates.

So when you think every group health case sold in California is profitable, it’s not. The carriers know they won’t make money on every plan sold, but that’s the way the game is set up in California. At the risk of sounding too ‘salesy,’ if you are having trouble recruiting and retaining employees, having a group health plan can help you get and keep the people you want.


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