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What about Annuities in this crazy time?

09-30-2008 by Colleen King

Can it get much crazier? If you’ve never considered an annuity for anything before, you should consider it now.

An annuity is actually an insurance product that gives people a guarantee on their investment. At least the fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities do. The stock market is a scary place to have your money these days, especially if you saw the Dow drop nearly 800 points Monday! It didn’t plummet that much after 9/11, which doesn’t make me feel very good.

Annuities are life insurance products that guarantee your principal. Fixed annuities will make the commitment.  The variable annuities won’t, as they are directly invested in the stock market. If you are in your 20s and 30s, you may not mind the loss because you have time to make the money again or wait for the market to rebound. Not that it did after the mess of 2000, but it could.

But if you are in your 40s and up, we baby boomers aren’t going to have the time to re-save. I’ve moved a good part of my money into annuities over the past 3-4 years. There are different kinds, with different time frames, it is not a one size fits all product. Talk to your insurance or financial advisor to see if this if an annuity might be a suitable direction for you to go.  I use them for people that have left jobs and don’t want to leave their 401k or 403b behind. But they don’t have the stomach for the stock market. The other plus on this is that when you leave an employer sponsored retirement plan is that you will be starting an IRA. The main reason to move your old retirement plan is that if something happens to you, ODDS ARE THAT YOUR BENEFICIARIES WILL GET THE ENTIRE AMOUNT AT ONCE! Talk about ugly tax consequences.

By moving it into an IRA, whatever the vehicle, an annuity or whatever, you and your beneficiaries retain control and the money can be taken out over time. This is referred to as a ‘stretch’ IRA and you need to know about this.

If you are concerned about the stability of insurance companies, especially after AIG being ‘bailed’ out, or rescued, or ‘whatevered’, what you need to realize is that the insurance segments of AIG are sound. There are reserve requirements of 103% of the face value of policies that must be held, not flying around. What got them in trouble was poor investing by their other business units.  Remember, in 1929, the banks went under. The insurance companies held strong.

So take a deep breath and hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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