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Health Insurance–Should I use an independent agent or go ‘direct’?

09-16-2008 by Colleen King

Health insurance tends to be confusing to most people, so going to a big, national web site to decipher what all is available might be okay for some. If you really understand it, then go for it. I can understand wanting to do it on your own and not risk being pressured into buying more than you want.

However, whether you are looking for an individual plan for you and/or your family or a group health plan, if this isn’t your forte, seriously consider using an independent agent. I’ve dealt with several people during my time in business that had gone to a major site to pick their own, then they were unhappy with it. There are several things that can be phrased in different ways, and if you don’t know all the nuances you might end up with something other than you thought. Many of these huge national sites also have agents available by phone you can call for help, but from what some of my clients have told me, trying to get the same person a second time especially if it’s a couple of months or more after you bought the policy can be tough.

By going to an independent agent, whether they are down the street or just established with a private agency in your state, if you have selected a good agent, they will be there if down the line you have a problem. I tell my clients that I don’t disappear after a sale, that I remain available to them in case there is an issue. I also tell them that I return phone calls usually the same day. That may sound like pompous horn blowing over a dumb little thing, but it you’ve ever had an agent evaporate on you, you’ll agree that it’s not.

I also tell my clients that I ‘do the shopping’ for them. On my web site I post the pricing and benefits of all the available carriers that I represent. So you could certainly go to my web site, find information, select a plan and apply online without ever talking to me. But I like to talk to people, so if you do go to my web site, let’s talk about what you have found and see if it will really fit what you are looking for. I look at the nonsense of individual health insurance and group health insurance plans day in and day out, so sometimes I can point out small things you might have missed. My goal is to help people find what fits their needs, not mine, and frequently I talk people down in price, spending less than they would have on their own.

Sometimes people think that by going to a carrier (insurance company) directly, then can save money. My services and those of any other independent agent, are free, whether you end up buying from us or not. We are paid by the carrier we place the business with. So our consultative services work for you–you don’t have to call a bunch of carriers to see what’s available, because I promise you–they all think they have the best thing going and it’s not always true. They won’t tell you about the ‘comparative pitfalls.’ So deal with an independent agent, and get objective information on your plans.

We also know about the subtle differences between carriers when it comes to underwriting health issues. They don’t tell us everything, because honestly, with some agents that would be like giving away the answers to the quiz. But there are some carriers that are certainly easier to work with than others.

So use our expertise and willingness to help you if something goes awry–Be well!


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