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Whats going to happen now that Trump is coming in?

12-02-2016 by Colleen King

I have people ask me this everyday--Now that Trump has been elected President, what's going to happen to our health insurance? Is it going away, is it going to get more expensive, is it going to get less expensive? Are the subsidies going away, are we going to single payer?

Right now, nobody knows. The chant of 'repeal and replace' isn't entirely practical. This is going to take planning, it's not going to be something fixed, corrected or changed by Tweets. Rather than rehash a bunch of stuff, I ask that you check out this article which is an interview with Robert Laszewski, a highly respected expert, and what he thinks will, could or should happen. Read article.

Take a few minutes to read this, it will give you some insight, and hopefully calm the concerns that it's all going away the day Trump takes office.


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