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SB 562, the Single Payer bill, has been pulled--why it is not time to cheer yet

06-27-2017 by Colleen King

On Friday, the encouraging news that SB 562 will not be heard just yet on the State Assembly floor came out, and kudos to Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) for having the foresight to pull this--for now...

It was encouraging from the perspective that he cited the bill as being 'woefully incomplete' and that he didn't get sucked in by the emotional argument that the 'conversation has to be had.' It may need to be had, but as we saw with the Affordable (?) Care Act, there was a ton of detail left to 'be discovered,' and look at the mess we have now. Funding of this has sort of been addressed, plan designs have been lightly touched on, but as we all know in all big projects, the aftermath from major parts of a project not being thought out in advance causes a mess. We often end up with legislation that started out in one direction but went another. Check out Melanie Mason's article in the Los Angeles Times last Friday as it outlines where we're at for now. Read here
Also in there, click on the link to 'what would single payer mean to me'--frighteningly enlightening! Read article

Why we can't let down our guard on this, the State Legislature has a 2 year cycle--this is just the end of Year 1, so if SB 562 gets reworked, it may very well come back for a vote in the Assembly. And depending on your views, you certainly don't want this to slip through unnoticed. Remember, as it's written now, the intent of SB 562 is top replace ALL health insurance in California--employer based plans, your individual plans, Medicare, MediCal and services provided through the regional centers for the developmentally disabled.

So stay tuned, stay 'subscribed' here, because I'll be keeping tabs....


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