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Health care reform is already messing things up, even the simple health insurance rate changes

04-14-2011 by Colleen King

Okay, many people are really unhappy with health insurance right now. People either don’t have because it’s unaffordable or they are uninsurable. Or they do, but their rates are going up. So it’s time to call your agent, see what else is available.

Well, here’s the problem. The carriers can’t even agree on what needs to change when. Or actually, what to do about it. Last quarter of 2010 was outrageous. Anthem had rates available through 9/22. Blue Shield’s rates were good through 9/30. Kaiser, they’re fine, ain’t changing a thing. Cigna only does 1st and 15th of the month effective dates. And there’s more, but you get the idea. It’s continuing to happen, changes all the time, it’s causing a lot of extra work for everyone.

So big deal–so what? Well here’s the thing. As you may have heard, things are tight for many people these days. So a jump in expenses of $50-$100 a month, maybe more, maybe less, is a big deal. And normally when the rate changes come in, I can give information that is solid. So can any good agent. But now, with the variation in rates and effective dates, and new information popping up every day, it’s frustrating.

I’m trying to help people make a move to avoid their increases and easier said than done. So if you have an agent you’ve worked with for a while, and they seem like they have a new onset of ADD, there’s a legit reason. You have to dodge a series of rates. You want to advise people to request specific effective dates so that they get the current rates. But I know for me, my phone is ringing off the hook and email is overwhelming. So hang in there, we can get you changed most likely–have faith!


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