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Health care reform made all preventive care free, right?

09-23-2011 by Colleen King

In the effort to increase access to care the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) mandated that preventive services be covered on newly developed plans with no share of cost and before a deductible is met.

Or so we thought–Check out this article from the US Department of Labor. One thing that was not really mentioned is where you go for services may determine whether or not there is a sharing of cost or not. The example here is that if you go to a free standing, ambulatory surgery center for a colonosopy, you probably won’t have a co-pay. But if you go to the outpatient department of a hospital, you probably will because cost of care at those types of facilities typically is higher.

So that’s why I call this the asterisk, or the footnote, yet another, in health care reform. The bill was passed with little detail really delineated, just a ton of concepts. So my advice So Cal, is if you have to have anything more complex than a blood test, so you minimize your costs call the member services number on the back of your insurance card. We have a lot of free standing ambulatory surgery centers in Los Angeles, and a lot of hospitals. Make sure you find your most cost effective options! Money’s still not growing on trees, at least not in the San Fernando Valley.

Have a great weekend!.


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