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Nice to know SOMEBODY likes insurance agents; guess who?

08-19-2010 by Colleen King

The word is out–according to Alison Bell of the National Underwriter web site insurance commissioners in several states, including California (Thanks Mr. Poizner!) have come out with a resolution urging keeping a role for the independent agent as the PPACA (aka health care reform) moves forward. Check this short article out.

Makes sense if you think about it. People generally don’t understand health insurance now, and every other day there are new things coming to light with the new health care reform bill. Someone needs to explain it and help people make decisions. So does it make sense to create another government bureaucracy from scratch, hire all those people who require desk space and benefits? Or go with the independent agent structure where we don’t make anything unless we do something for someone. And no one has to give us benefits necessarily.

Of course I’m biased as an agent. I have a business that fits well with the So Cal lifestyle. I can work 6 hours a day, or 12 as needed. As new employer regulations come in, employers are going to need a resource still. Someone that will go to bat for them when there’s a problem, because they are running their own business. And everyone needs help decoding their explanations of benefits.

Between massive egg recalls and Dr. Laura quitting radio, there’s just TOO much to keep track of! You’ll want to keep us around…..


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