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If you think a 39% increase in California health premiums are bad, did you hear about Georgia?

02-24-2010 by Colleen King

Anthem Blue Cross should thank Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia for coming up with something causing even more outrage than they did. An article in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution tells the story of a gentleman who had a 72% increase in premium. On the surface it looks like maybe one of the reasons was because he turned 60. That’s usually a big ‘bumping point’ in premium. But it’s on a policy with a $10,000 deductible?  Like any other article on this type of subject, it went on to say that most increases weren’t nearly that high. But it only takes one to catch a headline.

The president of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) said he didn’t think the carrier was gouging with this rate increase. I sure hope not, and that they can back up the reasoning for it. As an agent, I view my/our relationship with insurance companies is a partnership. Hopefully neither of us throws the other under the bus. But if this and other significant increases aren’t justified, it gets hard to defend.

Yesterday, Leslie Margolin appeared before the Assembly Health Committee to explain Anthem’s position and has promised to work with lawmakers to try and bring down costs. But it’s not a matter of just insurance companies and the cost structure, it’s all parties–physicians, hospitals, drug makers, device makers, you name it.

I”m spending a lot of time these days helping my clients look for more affordable coverage. But you can only move people around so much. If one carrier has an increase the others will too at some point. Until the day comes when we truly have suitable reform, that’s the best we can do. I think. Hope so!


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