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I’ve got insurance, why does care for the indigent or uninsured matter to me?

02-20-2010 by Colleen King

I know I’m not a political or social services writer, but our pals at the L.A Times Wednesday had an interesting article on how the County of Los Angeles reimburses physicians when they care for the uninsured.

How does this affect your health insurance premiujms? The Physicians Services for Indigents Program in L.A. County was paying doctors 29% of their estimated fees until last January when they cut it to 27%. Now, this week the rate will be reduced to 18% effective July 1. Can you imagine doing your job for less than 1/5 of what you normally earned?

If you think this doesn’t affect your health insurance premiums, think again. This is one of the biggest reasons for health care reform. You have people who need care and can’t afford it, and physicians (and others) who are willing to provide it, but something has to give. Cost shifting to insured patients happens when physicians and hospitals have to get costs handled somewhere.

And speaking of hospitals, the article by Molly Hennessey-Fiske and Ron Lin points out that physicians may go to hospitals for reimbursement. I know back in the day when I was an emergency nurse in downtown LA and Hollywood, the emergency physicians would try to negotiate something with the hospital when they saw the obligatory uninsured. Which downtown, was a vast majority of the patients. But that was back in the day when reimbursement was better and more people had jobs with health insurance provided.

All this to say, be kind to your local emergency physician and keep your policy current. Or get one if you can. The costs you incur can be disasterous if you aren’t insured. And until there’s a more palatable way to handle health care reform, well, enough said.

Have a great weekend, stay dry and stay out of the ER.


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