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Health care reform’s high risk plans are being set up in Michigan and New York, what about California?

08-10-2010 by Colleen King

There have been a couple of articles the past couple of days about the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIP) that are being set up in Michigan and New York. You might want to check these out as they will be an example of things to come. Michigan’s PCIP plan and New York’s PCIP plan, called the Bridge Plan.

New York has received just short of $300 million and Michigan $141 million of the $5 billion set up by the federal government to put this into action. None of the articles I’ve read on this in general have talked about how much the cost is going to be to the people who can’t qualify for insurance on their own, but the word ‘subsidy’ in many forms have been used is all of them.

What about California? Well, we’re not quite there yet. There is proposed legislation AB 1602, that is meant to set up an exchange, but there are some definite flaws and the insurance industry in CA is trying to mount opposition. We want to see changes too, that’s not the problem. We just need the right changes.

First, there is no ‘open meeting’ provision, minimal to no regulatory oversight and with a $30 million budget being proposed, you want some sort of oversight, come on! Additionally, it presses for standardization of plans being offered, meaning there could be as few as 10 plans offered. And because some would be HMO type plans and those aren’t always available in rural areas, there could be fewer than 10 plans.

As an agent, the requests I get for plans really vary. Some want high deductibles of $5,000-$10,000 and others don’t want anything higher than $500-$1000. Some want HMOs, some want PPOs. Not all doctors are contracted with all plans, so then what do you do? You want to avoid seeing non contracted doctors when possible because the coverage from your insurance carrier is lower.

There are many other details in this, but basically it is just not a well written bill. There needs to be a larger selection/variety of plans, and let the free market sort it out. When insurance carriers introduce plans that don’t sell well, they stop offering them. And the thought of a government entity running a ‘new’ program with minimal to no oversight, uh, yeah, right.

We already have a budget problem in this state, and theoretically someone’s watching. Let’s not let this spread…..


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