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Can I check out health insurance rates? What’s involved in them always going up?

08-04-2010 by Colleen King

Okay, I realized today that I’ve evolved into the ultimate insurance nerd. A few of weeks ago I subscribed to a service with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) where I can receive certain updates as they come in. Previously I got things on licensing requirements, you know, the usual professional stuff.

But now I’m getting information on when insurance carriers file their new rates for ‘approval’ with the CDI. This isn’t easy stuff to read, so if you’re having a bout of insomnia one evening, you might consider checking out rate increase information as it is submitted.

So I started out with Aetna, and wasn’t going to be deterred by the fact that it was 93 pages. What you will see if you check this stuff out is what’s being proposed for new business rates quarter by quarter. Aetna and most other carriers have a 12 month rate guarantee so your rates don’t go up right away but as you all know they do go up at least once a year. But reading all that is taken into consideration, hhhmmmm. I knew the basics but looking at this was a bit daunting.

Then I decided to check out Anthem–their latest filing was 386 pages. But that’s because they have a billion plans and a somewhat convoluted way of assembling their rate sheets. But I went through it all anyway, looking to see what would potentially be happening with my rates once my guarantee expires. I’m not thrilled. If it read it right, it will be going up about $50/month.

You have to know that all carriers in our area are going to have to be doing something in order to comply with the new health care reform bills. And that is listed in these filings as a reason for the rates; no more lifetime maximums, preventive services covered with no cost sharing, no limits on complex radiology and lab tests, and so on. These are all going to add to their costs, once people catch on to particularly the preventive services piece. Check out what is being included in the preventive services arena.

My advice? Not only are rates going up, but many plans will be changing as well. If you are in the market for an individual/family plan, get rolling on it ASAP so you can take advantage of the carriers that offer a 12 month rate guarantee.


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