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Health care reform and the contribution of Rep. Joe Wilson

09-26-2009 by Colleen King

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the great ‘shout heard around the world’ by Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-SC),constituting a serious breech of etiquette for Congress, but what it brought to light appears to have drastically changed what will happen with a specific portion of the proposals in health care reform.

What set Rep. Wilson off was President Obama’s statement that illegal aliens would not be covered by the new version of health care. Well, that is what it says in the House bill. What no one wants to cop to is that there was no enforcement mechanism, no provision for checking someone’s residence status when applying for public or subsidized health care. And it’s not like something would have to be created, there is already a database that can be checked and is used by 70 government programs currently. Why not this one?

The SAVE database, the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program, Is used to check eligibility for government programs. Similar to when your doctor calls your insurance company to verify your eligibility for benefits. Except for the prospect of being deported if you aren’t found to be eligible. If you are in Los Angeles, you’ve heard a lot about this on the KFI 640 AM radio show with hosts John and Ken.

Many have said that this was omitted due to pressure to do something about immigration reform. I’ll leave that to another Examiner to comment on. It is estimated by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that to cover the 6 1/2 million illegal immigrants will cost $31 billion. So eliminating that will be a drop in the $900 billion estimated bucket that the reform plan will cost over the next 10 years. But since everything so far is an estimate, I’ll take the $31 billion, thank you.

But coming from a nursing background, once upon a time, the problem with NOT covering people here illegally is that their kids are in school with our kids. If they aren’t receiving care, such as immunizations, there is a public health risk potentially.

So what do we do? Suggestions?


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