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So, what happened a couple of weeks ago to President Trumps replacement health plan?

2017-04-08 by Colleen King

Good question--One of the industry experts I heard speak on a conference call a couple of weeks ago said that anything around repeal is going to require 60 votes, and there are 2 chances of that happening--slim and none, and slim just left town. So the best we can hope for is amending, fixing, the existing law. Personally, I'd be okay with that, depending on what the fixes are.

Trump’s plan included serious cuts to Medicaid, aka MediCal in California. That’s a problem since about 30% of the state is on MediCal. There was some talk of revamping the premium rate structure, from a 3:1 to a 5:1 ratio—currently the highest rates cannot be more than 3 times the lowest which is part of what drives rates up for younger people, because health care costs for those of us for ‘a certain age’ are higher.

Plan designs need to be revised also—the Gold level and especially the Platinum level are for the most part are unsustainable, they cost a LOT to maintain. And not everyone wants all the bells and whistles included with the new designs.

So what happens to subsidies, plan designs, eligibility—time will tell. Hopefully calmer heads will prevail. more

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