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Ask Colleen King | Looking for coverage ?


Insurance—not the kind of thing most people want to talk about.

But you want to protect yourself and your family. Or your business. There's an old bad joke in the insurance industry--what's the one thing you can't get when you need it the most--Insurance!

At Colleen King Insurance, we strive to provide personal service with no pressure and make the whole process as painless as possible.

One size, one plan, does not fit all. Needs are different, budgets are different. Lives change. So give us a call for a review and assessment of what might work for you. Your decisions are just that--yours. We move at your speed. NO pressure, NO obligation. But you can't make good decisions without good information.

Health Insurance

  • Individual Health Plans
  • Group Health Insurance plans
  • Medicare Related Products

Disability Insurance.

Many people don't have disability coverage, or certainly not enough. Particularly high wage earners. Critical Illness insurance is filling that gap.

Life Insurance.

Life insurance for the most part is intended to be 'income replacement' should something unforeseen happen.

Long Term Care Insurance

You can wipe out your retirement next egg fairly easy once you start needing care. That's when LTCi becomes a good deal.

...and more...